Artificial Art and Fiction


Discover the MAGIC behind mesmerizing AI-generated art. Uncover the power of carefully crafted prompts and embark on a journey of creativity and innovation.


“I’ve successfully integrated ChatGPT into my dashboard, enabling me to directly interact with the bot while writing posts. Recently, I provided it with details of an amazing photoshoot I conducted a few years ago with the talented Petite Ukrainian Model, also known as Masha Poses. As a result, the bot generated an impressive narrative.”


As the sun starts to dip lower in the sky, we all know that the last days of summer are upon we are embracing the last days of summer with a memorable day at the beach.


An independent woman embodies strength, resilience, and determination in every aspect of her life.


She’s got a taste for speed Her heart racing with each pass The sexy lady loves to drive And it shows in every kiss


92 Degrees and climbing in Tucson proper, but on the bright side, there may be some rain in the forecast !

Transmissions from Tucson - Diffused and Stable 04/30/2023 3

Still holding it down in Tucson Az aka the desert. Last day of April as I’m writing this, Temps consistently mid to upper 80’s during the day this time of year, 100 degrees expected today tho. Been experimenting off an on with Stable Diffusion (SD)since about Feb, more off than on, most off my focus had been on mastering Midjourney (MJ). The last two weeks I turned my eye back to SD,


Carly was always known for her bubbly personality, but since she arrived in Florida that day it seemed to be doubled.


With each snap of her phone’s camera, Tanya’s smile grew wider, and she became more daring with her poses.

This Week - Experimenting more with Midjourney, Stable Diffusion+Controlnet - Feb 24, 2023 7

I have been experimenting more and more with several AI image generating UIs, such as Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion+Controlnet.


Roxy Shaw, a popular glamour model, recently had an exciting photoshoot at Voxbox Studio

Dispatches from the Desert - Tucson 8

Here in the heart of Tucson, the winter winds carry with them a chill that creeps into my bones. Yet, despite the chilly nights, the days are a balm to my soul, with their warm sunbeams and pleasant temperatures.

In the Office with Ava - An Ai Generated Story 9

The Story – With a bit of creativity and determination, Ava agreed to have the photoshoot in her office after hours…

Heavenly Honey Kissed Melanin ft. Eddie Bugatti- PT 2 11

She walks the runway with grace and poise, A goddess in human form, her beauty uncoils. With skin like honey kissed by the sun, She radiates a light that shines on everyone.


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